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Swap Pickups, not Guitars!

Get to know our Relish Pickup Swapping System
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Swap Pickups, not Guitars!
We have made it our mission to provide guitarists with instruments that overcome the traditional boundaries of tonal flexibility while offering highest quality in playability and sound. That's why we developed and perfected the instant pickup swapping system and established it as a new standard in all Relish instruments.

One for all players

Change pickups instantly, plug and play and go from metal to jazz in the blink of an eye. The right sonic tools at hand, all while enjoying the comfort of one trusted six-stringed companion.

Did you know, we have an extensive range of plug'n'play Pickups available in our online shop.

Enter a whole different tonal spectrum by simply popping off the magnetic back veneer, pulling out a pickup and plugging in the new pickup.

✓ Instant Pickup Swapping

✓ Solderless and toolfree

✓ Instant easy height adjustment

✓ Tilt-adjustment by allen key

✓ One high quality instrument for all genres

The Pickup Swapping System from Relish Guitars is an essential part of our Guitar Philosophy. With our guitars we aim to inspire and empower professionals and talents alike with our Swiss engineering matching modern design and our sustainable vision of guitars with complete sound freedom. Having the ability to swap Pickups and individualise the sound of your guitar is what Relish Guitars stand for. Have a look at our wide range of guitars from entry level like our new Trinity to high end one of a kind Platinum guitar models – you'll be blown away!

Relish PUS Mounting Frames

We mount pickups onto injection-moulded frames. Once a pickup is screwed and soldered onto the frame, it can be magnetically attached and detached to the frame's counterpart on the guitar top. Strong magnets and four contact points on both sides provide stability, strenght and endurance.

Relish PUS Mounting Frames are adaptable to the Pickups you favour

Relish PUS Mounting Frames

The Relish PUS is compatible with most humbucker-sized pickups. We offer a fine selection of mounted best-in-class pickups by trusted pickup manufacturers like Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle as well as our very own custom-wound pickups.

If you have a pickup that you would love us to mount for you: Please reach out →

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