Relish will be on company-wide summer holidays July & August! All orders placed during this period will be shipped in September.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Pickup Swapping Kit?
You need some skills to have the Pickup Swapping Kit adapted and installed. Please read the installation manual carefully. The kit comes fully equipped with all steps until end of page 4. Page 5-7 must be done by yourself.
Are all pickups sold on Relish's website equipped with the Pickup Swapping System?
Yes! All pickups, including from other brands, sold on our website are quipped with Relish's patented Pickup Swapping System, so nothing to worry about, they will be compatible with your Relish guitar right out of the box!
How does the Relish Pickup Swapping system work?
You simply turn over your guitar and pull out the pickup from its frame with two fingers. Drop in your new (pickup-swapping-ready) pickup. Done. It takes no more than a couple of seconds. No tools, no soldering, no removing strings. Incredibly easy and fully reversible!
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